Monday, September 23, 2013

American Indians: Protect Treaty Territory from White Supremacists in Leith, North Dakota
Lakotas and Dakotas face off with white supremacists in Leith, North Dakota today
Lakotas and Dakotas arrived today in Leith, near the Standing Rock Indian Nation, to defend the town from an invasion and takeover by white supremacists.Chase Iron Eyes, Lakota from Standing Rock, said on arriving in Leith, "We don't try to persuade anyone. Warriors do not need to be coerced; we go because we love our children."

Lakotas and Dakotas led by Standing Rock and Last Real Indians delivered powerful words during the rally. They were joined by non-Indians of many races from the Dakotas who arrived by caravan. Hundreds rallied against the white supremacists known for violence and hate crimes.Dakota grandmother Phyllis Young promised that the Lakota and Dakota grandmothers were ready to take on the white supremacists

."You are in Dakota territory.''Lakota means allies, Dakota means peace, and that is what we continue to struggle for in this land."My uncle stormed the shores of Normandy to eliminate your forerunners, the Nazis, that killed millions all over the world, so we know what your intent is, to criminalize Dakota territory."You will not do it. The grandmothers will stand up to you. The women will take you on." Chase Iron Eyes told the crowd facing the white supremacists, "We came here today to our country. We have been living here for tens of thousands of years. We know we have a harsh history between the races.""But as I look where the Nazi flag flies, where the swastika flies, I know we have called their bluff. Those who spread hate rely on other white people to spread their fear of non-white people," he told the crowd."We have evolved. 

We do not hate white people.""You have come here thinking that you can exploit the ignorance of white people."Facing the white supremacists as they were arriving, Iron Eyes said the Lakotas will not react until they are attacked."We are evolved human beings. I think you know you represent a dying cause.""You have nothing. That swastika is even our symbol.""You have appropriated our intellectual properties because you have none.""You're 30 miles from our border. If you think we're going to let you come into our territory and affect our children, you've got another thing coming. What you see here are the mouthpieces. The warriors aren't even here. You have come here thinking we are going to react out of fear, but we won't do that. We are Dakota and Lakota people.""You are a dying cause."State troopers and a riot squad were assembled, with badge numbers removed, as the town hall began. Inside the town hall, the National Socialist Movement attempted to convince the town they are not racists. After music played with bagpipes, the National Socialist Movement, known for its acts of violence, played the role of victims. However, they made it clear they were here to take over this town. Lakotas were not leaving at the end of the day, so riot police formed a walking line with the intent of pushing people out of the tiny town. The National Socialistic Movement, and Craig Cobb who bought up the land and was basking in media glory, went inside one of the little deteriorating houses with the police lined up outside to protect them.Protesters appeared to leave with no police problems, and with some war cries.The daylong events inside and outside the town hall were livestreamed by Unedited Media.

"We are deeply disturbed that one of the residents of our small community has invited hate groups to our town and to the state of North Dakota. One of these hate groups, the National Socialist Movement, is planning to hold a meeting in our city hall on Sunday afternoon, and raise neo Nazi flags on property around our town"The values of our town include safety and acceptance for everyone. We stand firmly against the bigoted views of this group, and will not be participating in their events."We urge other North Dakotans to peaceably join us in telling hate groups they are not welcome in our state."We have been told by other communities where the National Socialist Movement, a neo Nazi group, has tried to organize that the words and actions at their events are designed to provoke confrontation."We would rather draw attention to the good people who live in our town, in our county and in our state. While the neo Nazis are meeting in our city hall, we will be gathering in and around Leith to show that we stand together against hate, and stand with all North Dakotans."
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