Monday, February 11, 2013

Colombia- The other hidden history of The Club Nogal bombing on February 7, 2003 by
Dick Emanuelsson

 That night I was going with the Transmilenio (Bogota bus system) to my apartment in northern Bogota. Suddenly I saw a lot of movement in Caracas Avenue at street level 72-74. Firefighters and police cars with high speed everywhere.At home I turned on the television and saw the tragic images of the bombing of the Club of Clubs in Colombia, El Nogal, exclusive space for the Colombian oligarchy. . . paramilitaries.In 2002 I had information from a source at the club housed not only as Salvatore Mancuso paramilitary leaders, but from the Walnut diagramaba operated and portal for AUC paramilitaries.I did not have "the balls" to denounce this 2002 simply for fear of being killed. But with the attack and hasty statements and statements to the effect that the attack was the responsibility of the FARC, since then I started doing research, based on data from the spring of 2002.And it was interesting to unmask Paramilitarism-state alliance Oligarchy.And the reaction was immediate. The editor of the newspaper El Tiempo, Enrique Santos Calderon accused me of trying to justify the attack. But it was only with his accusations. With a softer tone but perhaps more dangerous, I got an email after the report was published:"For now we inform you that Colombia Libre, change your subscriber (server, note DE) of Canada and we have opened a website in Stockholm, since this country is open about freedom of expression, which is a right of every citizen and more of a political and military organization, such as the Defense Forces of Colombia. "The email was signed "Adolfo Paz" which was titled "National Inspector of the AUC." Paz also named "Don Berna" in the AUC but his real name is Diego Fernando Murillo Bejarano.
In these days when it is ten years since the attacks, has begun to repeat the same allegations as and February 2003. The truth is I never could see that the guerrillas were responsible. Commanders have always denied the authority of this act of terrorism. But the memory of the victims matches the peace process between the government and the FARC and more than a Colombian political columnist and takes the time and attempt to attack the peace process.Fernando Londoño, extreme rightist and anti-death, was then Minister of Interior and Justice. Arrived on the scene a few minutes after the attack that night of February 7, 2003 and stated categorically that the media present responsibility for the attack fell to the narcos, that statement was silenced by a few minutes after that without research Uribe had already made its decision.We attach the end a PDF file containing 22 pages on how the death squads in Colombia called AUC, had the web address of the Club El Nogal. The server was located in Montreal, Canada, led by a Dominican.So far we have had no information that the web page of Don Berna & Cia would be in Sweden. But we do know the Swedes, who spent time around junior named Ernesto Yamhure Don Berna, who worked as first secretary at the embassy in Colombia until one day it was, as the AUC site in El Nogal, unmasked as a spy. Today this fugitive but according to our sources is in Miami. Surprise??Link to download the document: ...
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