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we hijack freedom
 issues and fluff up
the state's role in the repression
2012 - Press freedom under (U.S.)Plan Colombia under attack says latest report
The latest report by the Foundation for Press Freedom, Flip warns that increased requests for protection of journalists. During 2012 there were 158 attacks on journalists.Truth Open The conditions for conducting journalism in Colombia remain critical. , Warns "From bullets to records", the latest report from the Foundation for Press Freedom, Flip, on threats to the profession, the state of the judicial processes of journalists killed since 1977 and the progress and challenges of legislation on access to public information.Among the points that the report identifies as critical, are increasing requests for the protection of journalists. While in 2011 the applications were 60, in 2012 they reached 100, of which half were considered by the Health Protection Unit as extraordinary. That is, due to hazards wich require some measure of protection.
During 2012, the Flip documented 158 attacks on journalists, of which 80 were threats some of which included attacks on infrastructure, and another 29 were physical or psychological. Most of these attacks were recorded in Bogota with 17 cases, followed by Ontario (15) and Cesar and Valle, each with 12 cases. However, the report makes clear that this does not mean that the Colombian capital is the site with more risk to practice, but it is the city that concentrates more journalists.Some of the attacks in 2012 were more visible threats Bladimir Sanchez, the journalist who reported on the eviction video made by the police to residents of the region Gigante, Huila, where he built the dam of El Quimbo.Also aggression by members of the police in Bogota journalists covering the October 12 demonstrations of the 'Week of indignation', assault by members of the journalist Jhontahan Esmad Ardila in Bucaramanga while covering a protest against mass transit system Metrolínea, and aggression against journalist Daniel Martinez, RCN TV correspondent in Arauca, when a group of policemen prevented cell recording with a dispute between you were young at a public establishment.Other difficultiesFlip The report recalled that access to information and impunity in cases of journalists killed since 1997 to date are two conditions that threaten the profession. This was a conclusion of the Index Freedom of Expression and Access to Information submitted in late 2012 by Antonio Nariño Project, PAN.The most critical variable remains impunity in cases of murders of journalists. It has a score of 12 out of 100. From 1977 to date, 140 journalists have been murdered by the exercise of his office. According to the report, 59 have been prescribed these cases, two of them last year: that of Jose Domingo Cortes Soto, Otún Journal, who was assassinated on November 15, 1992 in Valencia, Córdoba, and John Felix Tirado Castañeda's station Urrá waves, on 5 August of the same year in Cartago, Valle.According Flip up doing these cases, this year estimated that six cases require: that of Gerardo Didier Gomez, Jose Colmenares Eustorgio; Lajud Carlos Catalan, Nelson de la Rosa Toscano, Manuel José Alfonso Martínez and Baquero Danilo. Cases of "Guillermo Cano (murdered by drug trafficking) and the Jineth Bedoya (tortured and sexually abused by paramilitaries) are the only two cases of journalists who have declared the states crimes against humanity", the statement said.Another concern is that the report says censorship. Flip's report of 2011 concluded that although there had then declined the murder of journalists, self-censorship was the repeated gag for the practice of journalism. During 2012, this did not change recalling cases of columnists, some about to be sued for defamation and others convicted for these crimes by their opinions. Among them, the case of Cecilia Orozco columnist, questioned by the Supreme Court for their positions in a column, and the sentence against journalist Luis Agustín González by an editorial that questioned the political aspirations of Leonor Serrano de Camargo, the former governor of Cundinamarca.On security, the report concludes that although conditions in Mexico, Honduras and Brazil are very delicate, "Colombia remains one of the most dangerous countries to practice this profession, especially at the local level."The full report will be presented by Flip on Saturday February 9 regarding the Day of the Journalist.
[ed notes;backround...FLIP and CPJ(committee to protect journalists) have/are working together They never really expose/d the fascist Colombian govt and role of DAS (funded by washington) wich attacked media freedom..they basically voiced concerns then allowed the state to offer its propaganda ,see... where were they when professor Beltran was renditioned/tortured from mexico to Colombia?nowhere!where were they on colombias thousands of political prisioners?nowhere...this sums it up... Edwar Herman describes CPJ:There has long been a strong tendency on the part of Western non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to serve as did the Christian missionaries in the years of colonial expansion and occupation, who followed in the wake of the empire builders to convert the heathens to the true religion and to heal the sick and wounded--large numbers produced by imperialism itself. Even when the NGOs have functions that should bring them into sharp conflict with the dominant powers, like human rights agencies, they often struggle to look at the bright side of imperial action and inflate the evil of the indigenous resistance to imperialism. This results from a shared imperial ideology, their dependence on largesse from governments and elite members of the dominant powers, and from pressures exerted by officials and agents of the powerful states. Real Journalism Versus Propaganda
there is a very real war on media and press freedom in Colombia,and one thats cosigned thru Washington support and aid every step of the way,but this group doesnt want to show correlation between,u.s. policy under plan colombia,the state war on media and activism.i'm just posting it,because it allows me to expose the hijackers of  media freedom advocacy above and the phony US/Colombia democracy model praised by the zionist media up north...

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