Saturday, February 2, 2013

IRD -THE ZIONIST CHRISTIAN FACADE REGARDING SYRIA....The Crisis of Christian Communities of Syria
These persons are slowly dying. Aleppo, which had been the center of the Armenian Church in Syria, did see the successful extraction of 7,000 Armenians. When Syrian rebel forces seize an area, “they dispossess everyone … people do not know whether they will live or die … many Christians are now fleeing … to different parts of Syria.” Areas conquered by the rebels commonly have “all homes and churches destroyed.” 750,000 persons are externally displaced. The rebel forces, which include westerners, specialize in snipers, which target Christians. Clergymen in vestments are special targets, Sookhdeo said. 80% of hospitals in affected areas have been destroyed, “food hardly exists,” and children can be seen starving. Largely Kurd “people traffickers” will smuggle trapped Christians out of the country at the rate of $10,000 per person. Escape routes exist through Lebanon and Turkey, with Germany and Sweden ultimate destinations of safety. Christian girls are, however, in danger of abduction into forced marriages with (fake)Muslim men or becoming victims of sex trafficking.The future is bleak for Syria’s Christians, Sookhdeo said, with the current civil war expected to be a “protracted campaign,” and a “long, slow death.” Europeans have suggested that Russia take Orthodox Christian refugees, and that Catholic and Protestant refugees be received by western Europe. In spite of the fact that the Syrian Christian communities are being decimated, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France support the Saudi and Qatar backed Sunni rebels. While Sookhdeo recommended to former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Anan that Syria become a “confessional state,” like Lebanon, a proposal with which he agreed, the proposal has not found favor with the powers concerned. Instead they have made clear that they will continue to support the rebels, who are strongly influenced by Salafist ideas, and which threaten to transform in the Middle East in line with their doctrine. If Syria falls to these forces, Jordan and Lebanon may be next, in an offensive in which Saudi/Qatar/Salafi Islamism finally aims at the elimination of Iran as its principal opponent in the Middle East. With respect to the behavior of the western powers to the crisis of the Christian communities in Syria “there comes a point when you have to stop betraying … If you continue to betray, you cease to be Christian,” Sookhdeo said. Additionally, he claimed that “the Christian leadership in America has no interest in Christians in Syria, and therefore Congress has no interest.” But “if you say you have no interest in it, you are rejecting Jesus Christ.” [ed note;similarly if any [[[so-called muslim]]] fails to protect any non zionist christians,he no longer is muslim! Without calling for western military intervention, Sookhdeo seemed to be calling for an end to western support for the Saudi-backed rebels, for efforts to rescue Syrian Christians and ensure that they could continue to live as Christian communities in Syria, and for prayer. He indicated a firm belief in prayer, saying “I believe in the power of prayer.” God can intervene or give grace to bear the current situation, he said. “The church in America is super-rich,” and should support her suffering brothers and sisters. Currently the Barnabas Fund is endeavoring to find a way to rescue the Christians of Syria, and is providing substantial support on the ground there. He also urged more effort in social media to publicize the crisis. Part of the problem is that western mass media (CNN, BBC, Fox, and others) are generally positive about the policy of the western powers in supporting the Saudi-backed Sunni rebels, while ignoring what is happening with Syria’s Christians. While the entrenched Saudi influence in the American government and with policy makers makes attention to the plight of Syrian Christians an uphill battle, Sookhdeo said that Christians in the West must act to support their brothers and sisters in Syria by publicity, financial support, and “even if on Sunday morning you can only say a prayer in church.” 
[ed notes:orientalists and zionist christians want to seem to care about syrias (non zionist)christians,however,when one takes into account just who is behind IRD who published this,few conclusions become apparent,and several questions need be asked...1-If  IRD stands by this article,wich holds ''some'' truths in it,why on its board of directors, ziocons who target Syrias govt wich protected christians?few examples..  Board of Directors  Mr. Fred Barnes, Editor, The Weekly Standard Michael Novak, George Frederick Jewett Scholar, American Enterprise Institute  [ed note:these organizations and publications advocate wars in middle east,wich is a main cause behind the drive of anti christian sentiment in region!why doesnt IRD condemn the zionist christians on their board for their policy advocacy wich instigates regime change in Syria?i would urge IRD(ORIENTALIST FRONT) to take heed of following passage from bible...
Matthew 7:5  You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.
[ed note;the oxymoronic zionist christians who advocate wars for israhell(a country who hates christ and christians) and against muslim nations,speak of rescuing christians in syria(who arent zionists),only to then claim muslims drove them out,wich of course fits into their little orientalist discourse,all the while their zionist front groups tied to israhell are destabilizing Syria...sigh

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