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(NED/CIA FRONT) POMED(PROJECT FOR MID EAST DEMOCRACY) LATEST EVENT: Moving Beyond Rhetoric: U.S. Policy in the Middle East
“Don’t just declare a desire or an expectation that governments will take constructive steps—clearly identify rewards and consequences to encourage such actions,” is one of the key proposals of Moving Beyond Rhetoric: How Should President Obama Change U.S. Policy in the Middle East?An (NED/CIA) initiative of the Project for Middle East Democracy, the report from draws on the reflections of leading US-based academics and analysts, including former senior officials from both Democratic and Republican administrations, as well as prominent Middle Eastern voices from Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates.“The power of any country lies with its people, and the historic Arab revolutions have made clear the need for sustained and meaningful engagement directly with the Egyptian people,” say Esraa Abdel Fattah, vice-chair of the Egyptian Democratic Academy, and Bassel Adel, a leading member of the Dostour Party, who recommend:….much greater direct engagement by the sta? of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo with a diverse spectrum of representatives of civil society, political opposition movements, community associations, and labor unions. [ed notes;key points bigger role for us embassy in cairo(a den of zionists)Moreover, direct people-to-people engagement between the two countries is equally important, and this should include the signi?cant expansion of exchange programs between Egyptian and American civil society organizations, trade unions, social service providers, and businesses.
“How about supporting democracy—loudly, from the top, and often?” asks Elliott Abrams, a senior fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations:It isn’t a matter of choosing sides in elections or being for or against monarchies. It’s a matter of backing those who peacefully seek freedom of speech and press and assembly, the rule of law, and free elections. It means calling forcefully for the protection of minorities and of the rights of those who (sometimes narrowly) lost an election….. We should make it very clear that an elected leader has no more right to compromise the democratic system than one who seizes power in a coup.
[ed notes:yes thats elliot abrams the zionazi jew and one of architects of wars in afghanistan and Iraq,not to mention involvement in contra affairs in central america,speaking about freedom for egypt. Welcome to egyptian freedom thru the periphery of a hardcore zionist warmonger and israhelli agent!!!
Such an approach does not suggest confronting all Islamist parties, and they will di?er in their approach to democracy. But it does mean we should not embrace them until we are sure what that approach is…
[ed notes:translation:work only with those islamist(non islamic-fake muslims)bodies and groups wich support our zionist ran us policies
“Many of the political forces emerging in Tunisia are not focused on democracy, but instead on securing their own power,” writes Sihem Bensedrine, a veteran Tunisian human rights activist and journalist who is currently the president of the Arab Working Group of Media Monitoring:(ziocon front) It is essential that outside actors send a clear and consistent message that their support remains with the Tunisian people in our struggle for democracy and not with any forces acting contrary to that goal.As we have seen in other regions, democratic transitions are long-term processes that are more likely to succeed with consistent international support. …But here in Tunisia, we fear that that U.S. impatience threatens to undermine support for our democracy.[ed note:us is zionist ran,theres no democracy in us nor anyone where it seeks to implement its agendas,certainly not uin MENA region...btw sihem has been a regular at hrw,yes same hrw who supported coup in haito,promotes neoliberalism for africa,and who's ran by zionist jews)
“The second anniversary of the Arab Spring ?nds Arab liberals disappointed and even angered by the United States,” says Larry Diamond, a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Center for Democracy, Development, and Rule of Law, and a founding co-editor of the Journal of Democracy:Their common refrain is that we are not acting on our declared principles, that our historical policy re?ex—to ?atter and embrace whoever is in power—still reigns. ­
Being truer to our democratic principles does not have to mean being naïve and self-defeating. In fact, it is the “realist” position that is proving naïve in Egypt, where a Muslim Brotherhood president has been rolling over liberal democratic norms…..with hardly a word of protest from the administration…. In Iraq, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has had a long head start on this project and is much further along towarddecimating democratic constitutional balances and restraints.

[ed note;larry diamond is a zionist jew whos the filmaker behind the latets us(zionist ran)state dept initiative,a movie called froma whisper to a roar,a NED tied project propagandizing attacks against Veneuzela,ukraine,belarus etc..see..  keep exposing yourselves: zionists and neocons to - thenakedfacts
Neither can we be credible with the inevitable forces of change in the region if we keep clinging uncritically to our traditional friends, like the authoritarian monarchy in Bahrainwhile it imprisons and tortures non-violent advocates of democratic change.
[ed notes:No they dont care and could care less about people of Bahrain,they claim to,because Bahrain ultimatly epxoses their facade and double standards in mid east,wich is of course zionist ran us support for the puppet despotic monarchy,while attacking Syria...they understand that causes a huge dillema for them,when they devilishly talk out of their rectum about human rights(while supporting  fascist draconian dictators 9(e.g puppet client regimes)
“In the two years since the fall of Mubarak, Egypt has received little assistance from the international community due to the political turmoil inside the country as well as the worry that post-revolutionary governments would adopt populist economic policies,” writes Michele Dunne, the Director of the Atlantic Council’s Ra?k Hariri Center for the Middle East, and a board member of the National Endowment for Democracy: [ed notes;NED a CIA front wants more assistance to Egypt,with strings attached of course,serving zionist interests is the conditions...
International concern about Egypt’s political and economic trajectory is justi?ed, but the way to deal with it is not to wait and see but to o?er incentives to Cairo to build democratic institutions and adopt responsible economic and foreign policies. (zionist ran policies)The United States cannot on its own provide the billions in grants, loans, and investments that Egypt needs, but it can become the aggregator and gateway for such assistance from many sources. An internationally agreed upon program can also help to dissuade any Egyptian government from veering sharply ….. toward a new form of authoritarianism or irresponsible foreign policies.(non zionist policies)
“The Obama administration has opted for a minimalist approach to the Arab Spring, anchored in a cautious wider Middle East policy,” argues Issandr El Amrani, a Cairo-based freelance journalist and analyst who blogs at The Arabist:Yet, as the recent constitutional crisis in Egypt and other events illustrate, neglect is not always so benign. If the United States is to have a positive impact on the transitions taking place, it must be agile. Interventions at pivotal moments cannot always take place at the level of Secretary (of State or Defense) or President, reactions must be faster, and sometimes policy will need to be made on the ?y.
[ed notes:the arabist is a joke,just another zioarab whos blog caters to orientalist thinking and ideas,if hes not at the altar praising that,hes consuming his readers with mainstream media garbage and fluff,that fraud is more pro imperial establishment,then their rulers.hes a true house arab,probably a fruit too...
“Expectations were high when Barack Obama was elected President, as were the hopes for a change in U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. However, in the past four years, none of these expectations or hopes has been met,” according to Lily Feidy, CEO of the Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (MIFTAH):What we, the Palestinians, are asking for is not a management of the crisis, or an easing of the situation, but an actual, just solution. It is not about making the situation bearable, or calling for negotiations, but actually taking action and making permanent changes to the realities on the ground.[ed notes:Lily Feidy isa  clown,so is the group shes representing,wich is definatly not in interests of Palestine or its people,i say that because attending zionist and neocon functions and events makes it so and proves it,,,grovelling at feet of aipac firsters,ziocons and warmongers tied to israhel is the absolute evidence!
“There is a need to coordinate the funding of a ‘multilateral reform endowment’ that would provide clear incentives to Arab countries to implement necessary reforms,” writes Shadi Hamid, director of research for the Brookings Doha Center:The endowment would include a minimum of $5 billion, with the goal of increasing total available funding to $20 billion by 2022. Receiving aid would be conditional upon meeting a series of explicit, measurable benchmarks on democratization, which would be the product of extensive negotiations with interested countries. ­ [[[[[[The endowment would be funded with contributions from the United States, the EU, allies like Japan, Qatar, and Norway, rising democracies such as Turkey and Brazil, as well as international ?nancial institutions.]]]]]]
[ed notes:shadi ahmid is a zionist puke,literally a piece of excrement stuck to the neocons boots,promoting israhell and the empires interests.more on him.Treasonous syrian umbrella groups meet with neo... - thenakedfacts the naked facts report..zionist brookings and t - thenakedfacts - Yes flashback-(oct 2,2011) today, just last year - THENAKEDFACTS Pro-Israel think-tanker urges next US president - THENAKEDFACTS zionist,neocons,cia front weigh in on zio-arab spring ... - Shoah
“The United States also needs to continue to diversify the portfolio of contacts and leaders it engages—it must avoid being seen in Egypt and the broader region as simply replacing a Mubarak-centric policy with a Muslim Brotherhood-centric policy,” argues Brian Katulis, a Senior Fellow at the Center American Progress:
It must outline U.S. interests and values more clearly as Egypt moves through these transitions and have a diplomatic strategy that explains U.S. positions on Egypt to key actors in the broader region.
[ed notes:enter for ameircan progress lol thats the ziocons,free market ideologues,and liberal interventionists..see.REGIME CHANGE INC. UNITED...Why Promoting - thenakedfacts  Older Post - THENAKEDFACTS see their stats here
“The Obama administration should use its political skills and technical expertise to assist in the institution- and capacity-building of the Libyan security forces to increase their ability to confront security challenges that might hinder Libya’s democratic transition,” says Zahi Moghrebi, professor emeritus of political science at Benghazi University in Libya and former director of Vision Libya 2025:What is needed is a policy of engagement with the Libyan government and more, not less, interaction with all political groups and civil society organizations—without the exclusion of any current or trend.
[ed notes;libyavision2025 lol see  Land Destroyer: Globalist Richard Haas Calls for NATO Occupation ...
“The single most important policy shift the Obama administration must make in its second term is to stop the killing in Syria,” says Anne-Marie Slaughter, a Professor of Politics and International A?airs at Princeton University, and a board member of the National Endowment for Democracy:The U.S. and many of its allies have already recognized the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people. …The next step is to support that coalition by taking decisive steps to protect as many Syrian civilians on the ground as possible. In addition to massive humanitarian assistance, we must make clear that military action is on the table. Only then will Assad’s supporters conclude that support for a transitional government is a better way out than clinging to an Alawite mini-state.

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