Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ZIOCONS.ISRAHELL,(ZIONIST RAN) U.S. ,FEAR IRAN-EGYPT TIES  [ed note:DemDigest is a ziocon front tied to NED(CIA front group...
Ahmadinejad’s visit is also giving Salafists cause for concern, observers suggest.“Morsi has to heed the reaction of the Salafists to any step on his part to expand cooperation with Iran or upgrade ties with it,” said Wahid Abdul Majuid, an Egyptian political analyst.[ed note:backropund on wahid majuid... Wahid Abdul-Majid and other Mubarak propagandists
Egypt’s hardline Daawa Salafiya, the base of the al-Nour Party, called on Morsi to confront Ahmadinejad on Iran’s support for the Syrian regime(but not Mursi's relationship and ties with u.s.[zionist ran]and israhell) and make clear that “Egypt is committed to the protection of all Sunni nations.” 
On the other end of the political spectrum, liberal Egyptian politician Mohamed Anwar Esmat Sadat, nephew of the late President (ZIONIST)Anwar Sadat, said in a statement Tuesday that he is concerned about the Brotherhood’s ties with Iran. Sadat was assassinated after signing Egypt’s peace treaty with Israel. Iran then outraged Egyptian officials when it named a street in honor of his assassin, Khaled al-Islambouli.“Resumption of full diplomatic ties between the two countries is unlikely, given the delicate balance Morsi has to maintain at home, the region and with the West,” said Majuid. “Any decision by Morsi to improve relations with Iran will send a wrong message to the US and Israel.” [ed notes:not only is wahid a mubarak mouthpiece,but he wants to make sure closer ties between Iran,Egypt,dont happen as that will dont send wrong message to his handlers,in IsraHell !!  ;)
“Muslims are one nation. This is a principle we should uphold,” said Mahdi Akef (above), the former supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood. “However, it is impermissible to deal with Iran unless it stops its support for the mass murderer Bashar [Al Assad] who continues to kill his people,” he told Gulf News.Akef rejected Iran’s claims that the anti-Mubarak revolt and broader Arab Awakening are an extension of its Islamist revolution.“Egypt’s revolution is a purely Egyptian revolution, which had no link to any foreign country including Iran.”(except to zionist ran u.s. state dept) But one leading member of the Brotherhood has called for Egypt to become “a true Islamic state” – like Iran.“Egypt and the world of Islam as a whole needs leaders like President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,” said Kamal El Helbawy (below), who was attending the 24th International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran.He described the Islamic Republic as “as a model of resistance against the West’s domination and… a model for the Muslim world and Ummah.” He congratulated the regime for its work in promoting “unity among Shia and Sunni, human rights and respect for humanity” and praised President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for “speaking bravely against the corrupt regimes.”Iran’s efforts to claim political ownership of the Arab Awakening demonstrates that “Tehran’s ayatollahs still nurture hopes of spreading their radical model of Islamic politics,” said Jamsheed K. Choksy, professor of Iranian, Islamic and Central Eurasian studies at Indiana University. “Because the dissatisfaction fueling Arab protest is homebred, they realize that Sunni rulers may not be able to hold the line against fundamentalism.”
As a result of recent elections in Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt, he notes, “three Arab nations will be governed by Islamists more sympathetic to Tehran’s causes and less to Washington’s – a major foreign policy shift.”Iran stands to gain from its surreptitious courting and funding of potential Islamist allies, he suggests:Indeed once Tunisians concluded voting, Iran’s Foreign Ministry revealed Islamic Renaissance Movement leaders were in regular contact with Tehran while planning election strategies. Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi organizers too visited Tehran frequently, since Mubarak’s fall, in preparation for Egypt’s elections and for Pan-Islamic Awakening conferences.

[ed notes:also read...  Ahmadinejad’s historic visit to Egypt irks Israel Lobby

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