Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Puerto Rico stands in solidarity with Palestine

The Socialist workers movement denounced the complicity of the Government of the United States and in particular its President Barack Obama with aggressions against the Palestinian people and demanded the cessation of financial and military support to the State of Israel. They announced that they will be holding a demonstration in support to the Palestinian people on Monday, November 26 from 4:30 in the afternoon in the Federal building, Avenida Chardón in Hato Rey."The Government of the United States finances and supports military intervention of the State of Israel against the Palestinian people. Barack Obama is complicit in the massacre and political assassinations every day running the armed forces and intelligence of the State of Israel against the people of Palestine."said Hugo Delgado-Marti, spokesman of the MST. "The Puerto Rican working people should raise his voice of indignation before the conditions of oppression and exploitation affecting the Palestinian people, where are kept under an economic blockade, politically, and militarily that prevents the development of its own independent State, both in the Gaza Strip and other Palestinian territories."According to the Socialist Organization, official documents of the Government of the United States demonstrate the unconditional and unlimited support provided to the armed forces of the State of Israel. "Reported the own Department of Defense of the United States, between 1996 and 2005 the State of Israel he received about $ 17 billion in military aid. President Bush granted about $2,240 million in military aid in the year 2007 only."said Delgado. "According to reports from the Department of Defense, from 2001 to 2007 the U.S. Government supplemented over $19,500 million in direct military assistance, supplementary funds and other funds associated with military spending"."The State of Israel is a terrorist and criminal Government as its security and intelligence forces have been part of performances in and outside its territory, particularly in those sectors that have opposed intervention in the territory Palestinian." said Hugo Delgado. "The State of Israel is an entity created by bankers and capitalist Europe with the sole purpose of maintaining economic and political control over an area highly rich in natural resources and human." added the MST spokesman.The Socialist workers movement added that they respect and applaud the right of the Palestinian people to fight against the State of Israel because this fight by the Palestinian land has been more than 60 years. "
The Palestinian people have the right to exist and live as an independent State before the intransigence of the State of Israel, the struggles of resistance emanating from the Gaza Strip, West Bank and the occupied territories are an encouragement to those who strive day after day the independence of Puerto Rico." he said Delgado-Marti. "Can not equate the actions of the resistance of the Palestinian people with the aggression of the State of Israel, which has economic and military support from European Nations. Palestinian. must repudiate aggression of the State of Israel against the Palestinian population, but especially against children and women,"said Lydimar Garriga Vidal, who also served as spokesperson for the MST during the press conference.Spokesmen for the Socialist organization called for a protest against the bombing of the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip, on Monday, November 26. The protest will take place against the Federal Court from 5 in the afternoon. 'We'll be facing Federal Court that is the symbol of the American occupation over Puerto Rico and at the same time the Government financed military operations against the brother people Palestinian.' said Garriga Vidal.
Source: Red flag

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