Monday, September 2, 2013

A Sample of Jewish Philosophy From an Assimilated One

I received yet another hate screed from what appears to be a chosen one a few days ago:
From: ayinchet [at] yahoo [dot] com
To: kawther [dot] salam [at] gmail [dot] com
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 12:56:07
Subject: Palestine Civil Administration Explanations
Dear Kawther,
one question about the text published on this site, before I have a look on the others:
(click here)
What’s that fucking shitty crap that’s written in a lower-than-lowest standard of English about the civil administration in the Westbank area? It’s like, are you serious about the shit you’re writing?

Should I really have a look at the rest of it or is it the same type of crap?
My curiosity is sincere.

By the way, the place of Beit El is mentioned in the Bible you guys are supposed to believe in, too, and there’s no such thing as Biten (except for Bite in your ass, maybe…)
So keep cool and rather step off your journalistic duty, cause you don’t really improve the reputation of Alhayat and Alquds.
Kind regards
Since I am a Palestinian and a journalist, I am used to receive base and hate-filled words from the so-called “God’s chosen people” from time to time. I am the target of their hatred as a Palestinian because these hateful, self-proclaimed chosen ones are racists like nobody else, because they hate any human being who is not jewish. As a journalist I am target of their hatred because I have never been silenced in my condemnation of their vile crimes against my people and myself.
So here came “Natal”, and by his writing it was immediately discernible that he (or she) is a jewish philosopher, as all the breadth and depth of their philosophy consists in heaping scorn and insult on anyone who is not one of them, what is apparent in above piece of thinly veiled hate speech.
I wondered who this could be and, sure enough, I soon found that this masterpiece of jewish philosophy had been sent from, an IP address which is assigned to Bezeqint, an Israeli internet provider. I then asked myself what could have inspired “Natal” to put together above master piece of jewish philosophy, and I found that he originally came to my website through a Google search for Fuad Halhal (סגן אלוף פואד חלחל) and on last 29 August 2013 he came again and read several pages about the “Brief Notes From Palestine and The Ongoing Nakhba” and Fuad Halhal “The Military Officer Who Sent Me a Husband” before sending me above screed.
Jewish Philosophy
Fuad Halhal-2011Fuad Halhal is nasty a piece of work in his own right. He is a Druze officer of the IDF who has been involved in a whole string of war crimes, crimes against humanity and other dishonorable activities. He was involved as a coordinating officer in the genocidal razing of the center of Jenin in 2002, where several hundreds of Palestinians were buried alive by a bulldozer brigade sent in after massive shelling and shooting on part of the IDF. Halhal has also been involved in a string of thefts of land from Palestinian families in the West Bank, falsifying documents to “legitimize” property thefts in favor of American and European jews in Nablus, Hebron and Jenin, plain murder of Palestinians, a string of events of ethnic cleansing across the West Bank, etc., etc.I met Halhal personally when he was stationed in Hebron working for the DCL, a branch of the COGAT, the Israeli occupation and colonization office. At that time, Halhal tried to marry me to a psychiatric patient in order to make me stop writing. When he didn’t succeed, he resorted to spread rumors in order to discredit me, and he didn’t succeed either.
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