Monday, September 2, 2013

 Venezuela:Zionist Caprilles endorses agressions against Syria...
JEAN-GUY ALLARD - The prospect of a Yankee intervnetion against the Syrian people thru military aggression, announced by Obama with all the cynicism of the imperial rhetoric, has been championed by the leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Henrique Capriles Radonski, who this weekend abandoned his usual prudence with the theme and launched into a defense of the war claimed by Israel, teaching blindly as ever his Zionist fanaticism. Attacking the claims of peace of the Venezuelan Government positions,he tried to justify the war developed by the US and its medieval client regimes in the region .The Governor of the State of Miranda and chief spokesman of the Venezuelan opposition has published via his Twitter account that the Government should go to Syria to defend the "butcher" of al - Assad. While President Nicolas Maduro sympathized with the Syrian people after the announcement of the attack and that Vice-President Jorge Arreaza, urged the United Nations (UN), the Governments and peoples to react, Capriles said that the world must defend what he calls human rights thru "punishing" Syria "with the full weight of the law". Although it is not "politically correct" to point it out , Capriles bonding with the Zionist regime begins with his Jewish origins that led him to develop a powerful connection with those who provide them today support. The candidate to the Presidency of Venezuela who was defeated benefits from the anti-venezuelan speech of the israeli Government and its system of propaganda, support Venezuela Zionist circles and the unfailing presence on its side of the Zionist State intelligence mechanisms. They are known connections between Capriles and Miguel Truzman, Secretary general of the Confederation of Venezuela (CAIV) Israelites associations, openly Zionist, Bierman Alberto of the Federation Zionist of Venezuela, and leaders of the brotherhood Hebrew B 'nai B' rith. Bonding was confirmed in spectacular fashion last year with a trip to Israel, in full electoral campaign of Antonio Ledezma, Mayor of Caracas and ally of Capriles, culminating with a fraternal meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu where revealed the identity of views between the two sides. "We talk about solidarity of the people of Venezuela with the Jewish community. In addition to our disposal, in a new Government, led by Henrique Capriles Radonski, to restore relations with the State of Israel», then said Ledezma, who argued, on the other hand, meetings with Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and "other authorities" unidentified. There was no mention of any meeting with officials of the Mossad, the service of espionage whose agents, among other tasks, advised the "safety" of Caprio Capriles, according to informed sources. LEDEZMA was the guest in Israel of the Council American of the Judaism worldwide, led by American Tycoon Jack Rosen, personal friend of George W. Bush, and powerful head of the American Jewish Congress. More recently, Ramón Guillermo Aveledo, Executive Secretary of the Democratic Unity table (MUD) paid a visit to Washington where he held a meeting with the Congressman "Cuban" Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, fanatical anti-Chávez and incorrigible Zionist, which also calls for the destruction of Syria in the name of "human rights". It is good tone in Venezuela underline the ethnic origin of the opposition leader, but the israeli press is not subject to such a rule. Thus "Israel on line" website announced on 16 February last 2012: "Jew faces Chavez in presidential elections" and provided the following clarifications: -"Capriles Radonski comes from two families of Jewish immigrants who came to Venezuela to escape from Nazism and who made their fortunes. -The Capriles are associated with banking, construction and the printed media. "-The Radonski are owners of the country's largest cinema circuit" -Capriles was the Mayor of Baruta: the second of the five richest municipality. The Alliance declared Capriles Radonski with Israel, evidenced last year by his representative Ledezma conspiring with Netanyahu and his troop, explains his exaltation when Obama announces in advance their bloodthirsty plans towards Syria. Netanyahu is one of the leading representatives of the Zionist fundamentalism, who recently reaffirmed: "Always keep your finger on the trigger". His statements of the past few weeks claiming a direct U.S. intervention in Syrian territory followed with the Declaration of war of the "Commander in Chief" of the troops of the Empire, are a powerful orientation for all Zionist activism, both in Israel and for the whole of its operating centres in the world. An orientation that is running Capriles, with his hatred to the peace of incorrigible coup.

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