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(FORMER HEAD OF UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY) Father Miguel D’Escoto: “U.S. imperialism is a terrorist, murderer and genocidal”
  In an exclusive interview for the International News Agency and speak Peoples Movement for Life Peace and Progress in which the Father is the Honorary President , visited his home where a lovely chat we explained its view what is currently happening with the threat of invasion by the U.S. against Syria, then the words of Father Miguel D’ Esccoto Brockman :
[[[[The terrorist , murderer and genocidal U.S. empire , you call the United States, as a follower of Christ so call it , imperialism terrorist and genocidal murderer , because well, I have to be deeply every fiber of my being anti-imperialist , anti-capitalist , this is an empire murderer lives always inventing , not the first empire, when our Lord Jesus died was the world under the fifth of the great empires , was the Roman empire, the Jews thought that was the last empire, San Pablo asked why preferably not to marry and not to have their children suffering under the rule , but now we are in the sixth rule , the more murderer , most criminal, most diabolical of all , you know that in biblical terms the rule is called Apocalyptic Beast Septocefálica and Sandino called wimps , in biblical terms are called whores or prostitutes , are those which say for example be Nicaraguan but they have no qualms about taking to the bed with the rule in order to win personal benefits that’s the bourgeoisie , all pro-imperialist bourgeoisie has always been , every bourgeoisie is killer , is criminal, is a thief]]]]]].
What is what is really happening in Syria?
What is what is happening in Syria ? , After the Second World War, immediately after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki , the Empire decided that his reason from that point on, they gave him the name to what we might call military doctrine “Full Espectrum dominance” Total Spectrum Dominance , means total and absolute domination on planet earth , about its atmosphere , on outer space and cosmic implications that entails , then do not stop, are fully possessed by the devil of greed , arrogance and war , that is the struggle.
Nicaragua was the first country in the world subjected to aerial bombardment by U.S. imperialism . In the U.S. there were many protests in the streets when the Marines were chasing Sandino in Nicaragua in the mountains, Nicaragua was the first country in the world subjected to aerial bombardment for a new aircraft invented after the First World War, before the planes were of horizontally throwing the bombs, but then invented some coming in a tailspin, throwing bombs and then went up, so the first time it was used here in the Segovias against Sandino, when Sandino realized what were doing put some straw man in a place where it was windy and believing that they were people and they threw the bombs at the scarecrow. So in the U.S. beyond the President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate wants to know what happens in Nicaragua that thing is that of Sandino, and sends for the chief Colonel Matthew Marines to go to Washington to explain that Sandino, then when he is explaining what Sandino, after fifteen minutes and was desperate Senator, and told the colonel did not like interrupting people, but you already got me riled up, I’m hearing about this man called Sandino, and refers to him as a robber, but I do not understand because I hear that’s what makes this man and I do not understand why they call bandit, then Colonel Matthew responds, well, it is not bandit in the normal sense of that word, we call bandit because just do not know another word to use, because you your English is being forgotten and perhaps not learned Spanish, and English you miss, you’ll remember that English is a very good word here would call that man and PATRIOT. That is in the records of the Senate.
We are on the brink of human extinction .
[[[[[The USA is a country fully possessed by the devil and arrogance is limitless and continue , continue because they are in their efforts to dominate the entire world, in fact humanity is passing the most critical moment in its history , because humanity now have the means to kill most of the life on the planet , when a 20 year old get to be my age , half of the species will no longer exist and there is nothing they can do to change that , that it is a fact , but it may be that in three years and there is neither humans are on the brink of extinction of the human species]]]][[[[[[[[[This war in Syria is obviously just a lie, always invent a reason, the Americans got into Vietnam, all their European friends said they would not get that, then invented that an American ship had been torpedoed in the Bay of Tonkin , but it was a lie , but then with so much evidence acknowledged that it was true, that was a mistake, but the war continued . They are based on people are idiots , and human stupidity is the most incredible , is immense , Albert Einstein was asked if he believed that there was something infinite creation , they say, well, could be the cosmos and the course human stupidity , but about the cosmos , I’m not sure , I’m just certainly fully human stupidity is infinite , as can a Nicaraguan who is not deeply anti-gringo , anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist , when Nicaragua is the country that most suffered from the greed of empire.]]]]]]Every follower of Jesus has every day to risk his life telling the truth , if you likes you the bourgeoisie or the empire and can be 100% sure that you traicionastes to Jesus, Jesus never sit well , and which are wrong I want to be liked God and the devil . So the U.S. is as I say , terrorist, murderer and genocidal empire, the apocalyptic beast .USA and England have always been countries in the last century were very advanced in their chemical and bacteriological weapons , then the Japanese during World War II , they are very dedicated, very studious , some Japanese scientists managed to advance it too much of bacteriological weapons , which made the Americans were running before the Núremberg take to court to be tried for war crimes, were taken to the U.S. , they offered security to give them all their secrets , what it made ​​U.S. with German scholars but would not have had as dropping the atomic bomb .
 The U.S. is playing with fire that can be the beginning of the third world . What I ask our Lord is that China and Russia as well, Russia suffered a big setback with the collapse of the Soviet Union , seems to be to build again, but apart from that Russia is what the U.S. . else wants , inmaginate , divide this room into eight parts , Russia is one-eighth of the entire globe , is so great the Russian Federation, is immense , ranging from Europe to Asia end and notice that Russia is a neighbor of North Korea , has more than 25% of drinking water in liquid state , has all minerals and for avid , Russia almost alone compared to Latin America, because we have in copious amounts of wealth , we have the 8 most strategic minerals for the U.S. to maintain its military and economic supremacy , 8 major minerals where more there are in Latin America, in addition to Venezuela have the largest oil reserves in the world , but something happened in Latin America , the Church betrayed Jesus , I say this with pain , I ‘m Catholic, but I like to say I try to be a follower of Jesus , the Church betrayed Jesus , but not right now , 1,300 years ago , and we could say 1,600 years ago , in the year 382 the Church accepts be the official religion of the empire, the empire’s official religion is the most important part of an empire , because it is the ideology of empire , is what holds it together , is what justifies all its crimes and genocide, and that is our Church, but Jesus has nothing to do with that. So what happens? we worry about the world events we are talking about the problems of humanity and nobody thinks of the Church , the Church is irrelevant , then, by association, as the Church is perceived as irrelevant , to our Lord Jesus also sees people of that way , irrelevant , has nothing to do with this thing , is that in the Church the prophetic voice was silenced , the prophets in the Church did bozaleaban or kill, but God can raise up prophets to a stone, greatest prophet in a long long time , the most faithful follower of Jesus is called Fidel Castro Ruz.
Recognition of Los Pueblos speak to Father Miguel D’ Escoto Brockmannn .
And finally our good talk with Father Miguel, Los Pueblos talk presented a certificate of recognition to Father Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann for his contribution to the development of education and culture, for his work on the dissemination of humanistic values and the promotion of peace and solidarity among peoples. Recognize his courage, his work, his deep devotion and revolutionary conviction and his valuable contribution to political ideological peoples.
 Exclusive Los Pueblos hablan to Peoples of the World.
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