Thursday, September 5, 2013

In a statement issued on Tuesday in the Portuguese language, the General Union of women of Syria condemns the imperialist attempts to convince world public opinion that chemical weapons had been used by the Government of the country, stating that, in reality, the allegations are yet another lie that the United States and its allies use to subdue some guns on a sovereign nation.
Statement of the General Union of women in Syria
Every day the crisis in Syria, the worldwide conspiracy against our country increases the ferocity of accomplices in this aggression countries, especially the United States, Israel, Turkey and some Western and Arab countries, creating interference scenarios and conspiracy thereby undermining our nationalistic positions, our national sovereignty and our support to Arab and international resistance movements.Today, just over two and a half years of this crisis and after failing to achieve any goal planned, they disseminate and propagate for a military attack under the various denominations and apologies being the main one the international community protection of use of chemical weapons that claim that the Syria possesses. These scenarios and lies are just lame excuses to justify their acts of colonialism and of destruction of Syria at the same mold that made in other countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and that the end state that not found. Therefore all claims of justifications for the intervention that led to destroy the infrastructure of the country, killing innocent people, weakening the economy and keeping alive the ghost of its sectarian divisions.The scenario of chemical weapons came after the failure of the terrorist groups to achieve their goals and to undermine the work of the UN inspectors. Arose after the victories of the Syrian Arab Army and to give a dose of hope to those groups who have suffered the most painful defeats.Who used these chemical weapons (in Al-Ghouta) are the same terrorist groups that have used before in Khan El Assal in Aleppo in attempt to halt the advance of the Syrian army and the largest evidence were the found materials and manufactured in Western and Arab countries. Many videos had been posted by these terrorist groups demonstrating its effects on animals and teaching how to use them against civilians and against the Syrian army. Sum up what has been found in Turkey and that many news announced by Israel have supplied such weapons to these groups and also the video recorded in Duma on Syria that shows a terrorist group launching a missile with Sarin gas.The Arab Army of Syria has never used and will not use such weapons if the has, against his own people and why would he do that if he himself is the protector of his children? The proof of this is that their own soldiers suffered heavy casualties and what it does today and sacrifices himself for such, is within their duty promulgated by Constitution and why he became an army example between the armies of the world and cannot stay with their arms crossed through such atrocities committed by terrorist groups takfiristas, who destroyed people and cities, have committed heinous crimes against children and women from slaughter to rape, backed by religious takfiristas, recommendations that are far from any sense of religion, logic and humanity.
Cant  hide from anyone it was Syria the first asking the UN an inspection on the use of chemical weapons.
What is being promoted and propagated by the United States and its allies, is not a surprise for us because we already know their lies. They use today "a weight and two measures" being the biggest sponsor of international terrorism. And because the United States didn't wake up your conscience for the banned weapons used by Israel against the Palestinians. and where was his conscience when used for the first time its nuclear bomb against Japan and everything that they used in their war of invasion of Iraq?The United States and its allies are States which stepped on the international law, since it never recognized or respected. They are by far of any ethics, principles or tradition in witness of all, including his own people who rioted and demonstrated that in marches and demonstrations and consequently lost their reputation for "Lady of the World" and are acting without consulting anyone and ignoring the existence of new world poles that make the new global equilibrium.We in Syria holding hands with our political leadership and with our National Army and will confront any aggression that reaches our national sovereignty, and we will defend our country as we did before and give the more expensive than we have and not let any man defile our sacred land, our culture of civilisation and our peaceful coexistence.The General Union of women representing Arab women of Syria that have provided the most valuable to defend their homeland, makes an appeal to women in the free world, international organizations and all associations of women to stand up and condemn this aggression and if you sympathize with us in this conspiracy and American attack and colonialist and repeat the slogans of world peace, the end of wars and coexistence.
General Union of women in Syria

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