Sunday, September 1, 2013

 Chemical weapons charge against Syria is another lie to justify imperialist war to keep the world under white power domination
  The Black is Back Coalition (BIBC) for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations stands in firm opposition to the U.S. government's stated plans to attack Syria. To demonstrate its opposition and to mobilize others, the Coalition planned for a series of rallies and protest events around the world beginning on August 29th, the date the attack was predicted to occur.This outrageous lie obscures the reality that it is the U.S.-backed “rebel” forces who have been the culprits of barbaric violence against the Syrian people for the past two years. This is similar to the lie Colin Powell and George Walker Bush used against Saddam Hussein’s government to justify the imperialist invasion of Iraq. This move towards missile strikes by the U.S. is not the beginning, but an intensification of the war on Syria. What has occurred in Syria over the past two years, falsely characterized by bourgeois media as a “civil war,” has indeed been a war of imperial white colonial occupation by an array. of forces intent on turning back the hands of time where the world’s people were more effectively held in subjugation. [[[[From the beginning of this conflict over two years ago, the forces known as the “rebels” -- “Free Syrian Army” and “Al-Nusra” have been proxy forces working on behalf of U.S., UK, French and zionist Israeli interests. As BIBC Chairman Omali Yeshitela wrote on December 3, 2012: “This 'rebel' force is a motley grouping of reactionary scum scraped from the bottom of the barrel of colonial servility and corruption, politically backward and willing to sacrifice the dignity of their people on the alter of self-interest.”]]]]] [[[[[Additionally, air strikes into Syria by the white nationalist colonial settler State of Israel in 2012 were attacks by Obama and U.S. imperialism. Israel is a military outpost of U.S. imperialism in the Middle East, the “white cop on the regional block” as Chairman Omali says. Bashar al-Assad's opposition to Israeli interests and support of Palestinian resistance is one of the reasons why Syria has been placed in the cross-hairs of U.S. military invasion.]]]]
Barbarian aggressor states, like those headed by Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, David Cameron and François Hollande, are engaged in a life-and-death struggle to prevent a shift in the balance of power in the world at their expense. Syria is aligned with the regime of Iran, as well as the militant Lebanese liberation organization known as Hezbollah. Together with Libya before the U.S. orchestrated overthrow of that government, these forces represented an existential threat to Isreal, the strategic lynchpin of imperialist white power in the region. [[[[[This struggle between al-Assad’s Syria and forces aligned with white power has brought the treacherous and servile character of the comprador, totally sellout sector of the Arab petty bourgeoisie in the Middle East and in North Africa out into the open.Africans in the U.S. and around the world share a common enemy with the people of Syria: U.S. imperialism U.S. imperialism is the number one enemy of all the peoples of the planet Earth. The U.S. government responsible for the bloodshed and terror imposed on the Syrian people is the same government that was built off the transatlantic slave trade, the genocide against the Indigenous people and the colonization of most of the planet.]]]]] (((The African Liberation Movement recognizes the Syrian struggle as being objectively a strategic component of the overall struggle to drive imperialism into its grave. Imperialism is an a state of intense crisis as the fists, rocks, bullets and explosions of the oppressed and colonized peoples' anti-colonial resistance shatter the foundation of parasitic capitalism, a system built on our oppression for the benefit of white power and the white oppressor nation. Our responsibility is to deepen the crisis. )))It is not enough to simply call for an end to war. We must call for victory to the Syrian people. Victory to the Arab masses. Victory to Palestine! Death to U.S. and European imperialism! Death to the zionist entity! Victory to Africans, Mexicans, Iranians, Lebanese, the people of Afghanistan and all oppressed and colonized peoples of the world. The many reasons for BIBC opposition to the imperialist threat to Syria can be found in the Coalition’s Principles of Unity, which explicitly opposes imperialism in its many different manifestations. However, it is worth noting some of the obvious reasons Africans and others should register their indignation and opposition to an imperialist escalation of the murderous war against the people of Syria. To name a few: 1. The justification U.S. imperialism gives for its plans to invade Syria revolves around the unfounded allegation that Syria wields and controls chemical weapons. There is absolutely no evidence or confirmation that the al-Assad government carried out the alleged "chemical attack." But even if there were, the colonialist assumption that imperialist white power should be judge and jury, the moral authority to punish wrong doers in the international community is a return to days of absolute white rule over the rest of us. 2. The last time the African community was a victim of chemical warfare it was at the hands of the U.S. government in the form of crack cocaine in the 1980s and 90s. Today chemical warfare is carried out in the form of pharmaceutical drugs sold in hospitals and on the streets. Therefore, what right does the U.S. government have to accuse anyone of handling chemical weapons? 3. Syria is aligned with the anti-U.S. imperialist regime of Iran, as well as the militant Lebanese liberation organization known as Hezbollah. 4. Through its attempt to organize a coup through invasion, the U.S. government is imposing its absolute will on the Syrian people as to who their leadership will be. There are many more reasons we could provide to demonstrate the importance of the African Liberation Movement declaring "Victory to Syria!" These are just a few. However, the point remains: the African Liberation Movement and the overall anti-imperialist movement must respond by hitting the streets and organizing massive and militant protests against the U.S. military intervention in Syria. If you are not currently a member of the BIBC we encourage you to join us. However, one need not become a member of the BIBC in order to organize and participate in opposition against to the U.S. attack on Syria.

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