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"The UNITED STATES want to invade Syria to control Arab wealth""The problem of Syria is to be a sovereign nation and will not submit to imperialism. What they [u.s.] do today [in Syria], made elsewhere to ensure the global hegemony ". Thus the President of Cebrapaz, Socorro Garcia, defined the importance of solidarity to the Syrian people during social movements ' meeting with Syria's Ambassador in Brazil, Mohammed Khaddour, and the country's Consul General, Ghassan Obeid, held this Thursday (4) at the headquarters of the PCdoB, in São Paulo.

Vanessa Silva
Manuela Carolina Ojeda, da Marcha Patriótica; Ambassador Mohammed Khaddour; Ricardo Abreu, German Secretary of RI PCdoB; Ghassan Obeid, Consul of Syria; Socorro Garcia, President of Cebrapaz; Jamil Murad, Alderman by PCdoB and Marcelo Guzeto, the MST
Present at the meeting, the President of the National Union of Students (UNE), Daniel Iliescu, speaking on behalf of more than 6.5 million young people representing, expressed the support of the Brazilian students to fight for the sovereignty of the Syrian people. Similarly, the President of the Union of Socialist Youth (UJS), Andre Torkaski, who was in the country at the invitation of Syria's students ' Union, strengthened the bonds of solidarity between the institutions and the people of that country.
Ever the journalist, Member of the Lebanese Communist Party and candidate for Alderman by PCdoB in São Paulo, Mahassen Kháled, stressed that the goal is not to remove President Bashar al-Assad. "Syria is the goal because it is the only country that still says no to the interests of the United States in the region. With the fall of Syria, the United States will set up a base in the hills of Golan to protect the borders to the North of Israel. With that, the u.s. imperialism will control all the riches of the Arab world, "he said.
Public Act and documentary
In the late afternoon, was performed an act with the exhibition of the documentary "the truth about Syria". At the end of the exhibition, Ambassador Mohammed Khaddour thanked the Communist Party of Brazil by the position of solidarity to the Syrian people and Government and for bringing up "truth and justice" over the country.About the moment that Syria lives, stressed that "the goal of this conspiracy is to limit the historical role that the country has always played in the events of the region. The Syria refused to accept u.s. plans for the country and unilateral agreements proposed by Israel. In this way, [the locking action], aims to weaken all countries in the region and leave Israel stronger. The Syria is the country [in the region] which has more freedom and democracy. That's a fact, "he reaffirmed.
On the UN peace mission, he pointed out that "the Government has accepted without any opposition or condition [the mission led by Kofi Annan]. Several international observers and were shipped to Syria collaborated to show them all what was happening in its territory. When observers began making their reports based on observed facts, describing the violent acts and killing [done by] armed groups, the UN decided to decrease the number of observers, which was a plan to weaken Kofi Annan. When he realized that the results would serve their interests [Western powers], began moving in the opposite direction and ended up forcing Annan to resign from the mission. After a certain time, they appointed another Special Envoy Lajdar Brahimi. The Syria also accepted this resolution. That is, we accept all resolutions so far to find a peaceful and political solution to the crisis ".
The Secretary of international relations of the PCdoB, Ricardo German Abreu, reiterated that in the last 18 months the party made several pronouncements on the issue: "If on one hand there was hope with the Arab spring, on the other the knew the Democratic Appeal transform imperialism that the Government itself [Syriac] was implementing to make an aggression against Syria and Libya and reaching Iran. (…) What's at stake can be a regional war of unpredictable dimensions ", he argued.
Arab spring Representing the MST, La Via Campesina and all social movements in the country, Marcelo Guzeto noted that the Arab spring, which "could be a democratic popular movement, ended up being kidnapped by anti-democratic pró-imperialistas and submissive to the reactionary Arab monarchies" and today is used to destabilize the Government of Assad.
In the same vein, the Councillor for Sao Paulo by PCdoB and candidate for re-election, Jamil Murad, grandson of Syrians, pointed out that the opposition practices terrorist acts, as reported by a Brazilian official who visited Syria. "Any people with their dissatisfactions may arise, but it is clear that this raise is triggered [by external forces]. The United States, with the deep crisis of capitalism, they need war. The war industry helps you find your way out of the crisis. The Syrian people are victims of it. "
Fight for peace
Ending the Act, the President of Cebrapaz and of the World Council of peace, Socorro Garcia, emphasized that "every nation has to act as sovereign. We cannot agree with the instrumentalization of the UN and the Security Council to destroy Nations, to dismiss Presidents legitimately elected to impose the petty interests. Behind are the u.s. and Zionist State of Israel, armed to the teeth.Speak on behalf of the civil defense and destroy entire cities and kill thousands of civilians. It talkq of sovereignty, but subjects peoples and Nations and ransackas every last drop of oil. This we cannot accept. The people will come out winner of this battle ".
  Attended the following entities and political parties: PCdoB; Free Homeland Party; Newspaper people's Time; Lebanese Communist Party; Syrian Nationalist Socialist Party; Syrian Arab Socialist Party; Movement Popular Consultation; MST; Via Campesina; National Union of students (UNE); Latin American and Caribbean Continental Organization of students (Oclae); State Union of students (UEE); Central of workers of Brazil (CTB), Union of Socialist Youth (UJS), Brazilian Union of Women (UBM), Democratic Women International Federation; Brazilian Center of solidarity with the peoples for peace (Cebrapaz); Institute for Contemporary Studies and International Cooperation; Arab working group; Center of geopolitical studies of the Middle East; Palestinian-Arab Brazilian Federation; Federation of Arab Brazilian Entities do Estado de São Paulo (Fearab SP); Fearab America; Syrian Arab Cultural Center; Patriotic March Movement (Colombia).

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