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Former President Alvaro Uribe will be denounced by the representative Ivan Cepeda in the free version to the paid exmandatario Indictment before the Commission in August. / File Former President Alvaro Uribe by the representative Ivan Cepeda in the free version that surrendered to the Commission exmandatario indictment in August. / Archive With the claim to be investigated as a crime of persecution the actions perpetrated by the DAS against political opponents, judges and journalists, during the government of Álvaro Uribe Vélez, and the recognition that he was ultimately responsible for these actions in their capacity President of the Republic, the Chamber representative  Iván Cepeda Castro shall file these tomorrow morning before the International Criminal Court a formal complaint to the topic is included in the file named Colombia as a crime against humanity.The document will be submitted to the ICC prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, with preliminary consideration of Colombia from 2004 is under consideration of the international organization and that the crime of persecution has not been studied, but must be assessed in light of what happened with the DAS in Uribe era. The MP stressed that this behavior Cepeda was consummated political purposes, affecting a group of people and organizations with a common characteristic: they were part of the opposition to the government.As representative of the complaint made​​, Cepeda recorded in their paper that the actions of the DAS originated from an intelligence agency not affiliated with the official structure of the institution called G-3, proposed by the then head of the institution Jorge Noguera , today convicted by justice and in prison. The plan was finalized by activities to smear, pressure and sabotage to tarnish the name of some human rights organizations, and several opposition leaders, against the interests of the Uribe government. The representative said in its complaint that the DAS between actions included: "Operation Transmilenio 'to invent nexus of national and international organizations with illegal armed groups" Operation Exchange', to limit the influence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights , "Operation Amazon 'to discredit opponents and judges of the Constitutional Court, or' Operation Rattlesnake" directed to affect the image of the Colombian Commission of Jurists and its director Gustavo Gallon.Cepeda concerns one by one the names of all DAS officials ended investigated for justice, starting exdirectores Jorge Noguera and Maria del Pilar Hurtado, former Secretary General of the Presidency, Bernardo Moreno, and a number of deputies, detectives and officials involved in the smear campaigns, to the point that at the end of the Uribe government, and by the time of President Juan Manuel Santos, was necessary to abolish the security agency.Since the DAS was a body under the Presidency of the Republic, Cepeda concentrated his complaint in the then Head of State, Álvaro Uribe. Referencing So today in the Commission of Investigation and Prosecution of the House, the tribunal president, 287 complaints have been instituted against Uribe, without significant progress. But not only in the case of the persecutions by the DAS, but in other episodes, according to the legislator, former President Uribe should be judicially investigated.Specifically, the document referred to two cases: the slaughter of Aro, the Commission alleged in Indictment in 2008, and records the death of 15 peasants in Ituango (Antioquia), a witness called Francisco Villalba, who later recanted, but initially Uribe said the then governor, and the slaughter of 20 people in the Peace Community of San José de Apartado, which occurred in 2005, in which former President Uribe allegedly disregarded not only alerts to protect victims, but attacked the peace community.According to Cepeda, the victims of the crime of persecution perpetrated by the DAS, in the time of Uribe as president, would be: the Lawyers Collective José Alvear Restrepo, the Colombian Commission of Jurists, CINEP, the Committee in Solidarity with the Political Prisoners, the Colombian Association of Human Rights Defenders, the Movement of Victims of State Crimes, the judges of the high courts, several political leaders and journalists Coronell Bedout Felix Ramiro Bejarano, Holman Morris and Claudia Julieta Duque .The complaint eventually clarified that, despite the evidence, the facts prove that there have been pressures for Uribe not to be investigated and that definitely "there is no real desire to advance a serious investigation against him, despite resting in the process sufficient information to make decisions on the merits wich should be followed thru ". This evidence, according to the seventh article of the Rome Statute, constitute persecution on political, affecting a group of people and organizations, why the president should be subject to prosecution.
[ed notes:I love it,this is a defining no fan of ICC however,colombia is a signatory ,and it stipulates that if the judicial courts are hampered from investigating such crimes due to corruption or lack of will due to political pressures,then ICC must take up the cases...if ICC fails to take up case against uribe,then ICC exposes itself again as the imperial tool it has been since day one..ICC risks exposing itself again ,eitehr prosecute Uribe or discredit itself again! lol i love it.. some backround on DAS(us funded) The American Intelligence Agency: WikiDAS | Fellowship of ... Colombia's DAS Intelligence Agency: A Case of U.S. Aid Gone Bad ...   Uribe stays quiet about DAS wiretap scandal  Plan Colombia and Beyond » DAS Scandal    .Plan Colombia and Beyond » DAS Scandal is not the Uribe administration’s first DAS scandal ,Colombian President Álvaro Uribe’s first DAS Director (2002-2005) was Jorge Noguera, who directed Uribe’s 2002 campaign in the department (province) of Magdalena. In early 2006, Noguera was revealed to have collaborated closely with some of Colombia’s most notorious narcotraffickers and right-wing paramilitary leaders. He allegedly facilitated drug shipments and gave the paramilitaries lists of human rights defenders and labor leaders to assassinate. Since December 2008, Jorge Noguera has been in prison and facing trial for aggravated homicide. In late 2008, the DAS was found to have been ordering illegal surveillance of opposition Senator Gustavo Petro, a revelation that forced the resignation of DAS Director María de Pilar Hurtado.Four appointees and one interim director have led the DAS during Uribe’s seven years in office.The DAS' 'Political War' DAS illegal wiretapping 7 former DAS officials called to trial over illegal wiretaps DAS detective arrest with powerful arsenal in his possession According to a statement from the DAS, this Friday Gerson Cuellar Quira detective assigned to the Directorate General Operations of the DAS, was detained by National Army units at a checkpoint Yarumal municipality (Antioquia).  In reviewing the particular vehicle in which the officer was traveling, they found inside 29 hand grenades, 20 grenades for MGL, 28 communication radios and 6 Nock rifle. According to the intelligence agency, Gerson Cuellar was linked to the DAS Quira since May 1996 and from January 01 2010 were found on vacation.  The detective mentioned are now guarded by National Army units, who in coordination with judicial authorities of the municipality of Yarumal will advance the legalization of capture by the alleged crime of manufacture, trafficking and possession of arms and ammunition for use unique to the armed forces, and consistent with the criminal action   

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