Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Syrian rebel to Ynet: Israel will benefit from backing us
Long time readers here will remember this woman allegedly from Canada
She just had to leave her family and go to Syria to join the rebels.......She was pegged as an obvious psyop way back. And this article makes that fact  all the more obvious.So, let us all share a laugh at the absurdity of this psyop... 

In special interview, (with Ynet) Syrian woman who left comfortable family life in Canada to help rebel forces in Aleppo and Idlib says Israel making 'big mistake' by not supporting struggle against Assad. 

Thabia Qanfani, an engineer, was born in Damascus and settled with her family inCanada after leaving Syria in 1995 for a job in the United Arab Emirates. In a special interview with Ynet from her home in Toronto, she describes her rare and inspiring journey, which led to her joining the rebels in the Aleppo and Idlib provinces. 
 But over the past year, as a civil war rages in her homeland, Qanfani decided to put the "Canadian dream" on hold and chase after another dream – a Syria without President Bashar Assad
"My entire family supported me – my husband, mother and son, who encouraged me to help other children in Syria. It is hard to up and leave your family like that, but I had to help the innocent Syrians," she tells Ynet.
In May Qanfani traveled to Egypt"I met numerous politicians there and realized that their presence is not doing any good. I realized that they have no political culture, and this is what caused the foot-dragging at the beginning of the revolution," she says. A month later Qanfani arrived at her next destination, Turkey"I met officers from the Free Syrian Army and suggested to unite the opposition and set up a political council that would represent the revolutionary army," she recalls. 
From Canada to Syria via Egypt and Turkey. Why, when Syria is her "home"?
IDF anyone? 
         According to Qanfani, many officers were convinced. "In Turkey we began formulating a joint command for the rebel units. Meanwhile, I joined the Free Syrian Army battalions on the Turkish-Syrian border." IDF 
        For the next four months Qanfani traveled back and forth between Syria and Turkey. The longest period of time she spent with rebels operating deep within Syrian territory was 10 days – in Aleppo, the country's largest city. "While I was in Aleppo the Berri clan, which is loyal to Assad, treacherously butchered nine teenagers belonging to the Free Syrian Army. The regime's forces asked the FSA for a 24-hour ceasefire, but the clan violated the truce and murdered nine brave youngsters," she recounts.
We may recall that the NATO/mercs slaughtered many members of the Berri clan in a targeted politcal kill. Her story is preposterous. It is the first time this narrative has ever been mentioned and is obviously being put forth to justify terrorists killings with Israeli help. 
       "Assad could not have continued the campaign in Aleppo and in the other parts of Syria without the daily assistance - in the form of equipment or fighters - from Iran, Hezbollah and Russia. (convenient propaganda) I've seen with my own eyes Iranians and Hezbollah members who joined Assad's forces. I can tell the difference between Syrians and Iranians or Lebanese," says Qanfani, who did not take part in the actual fighting but understands that an armed struggle is necessary in order to achieve the ultimate goal - toppling Assad.Yes, she saw "with her own eyes" but SHE DID NOT TAKE PART IN THE ACTUAL FIGHTING , BUT SHE UNDERSTANDS...
 "The rebels, in my opinion, would welcome any support from Israel. They have already requested military aid from a number of sources, including Israel. But your decision-makers are not showing any interest in the rebels, and this I believe is a big mistake on the part of the Israeli government
Ms Qanfani makes abundantly clear that Israel is involved. She has IDF or some version of aformentioned military outfit written all over her
[ed notes:shes(rebel whore) obviously covering up for fact israhell is already inside syria...evidence of this can be found here..  ISRAHELL IDF MOLE POSING AS JOURNALIST SNEAKS INTO SYRIA  Older Post - THENAKEDFACTS HOW ISRAHELL SMUGGLES WEAPONS ,AGENTS INTO SYRIA Older Post - THENAKEDFACTSalso see.. senior commander of syrias rebels thanks isra... - THENAKEDFACTS

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