Monday, December 3, 2012

Voices of the Syrians mainstream media ignores
This interview is being conducted with Jihan Hayek, a Canadian of Syrian origin. Ms. Hayek is a civil engineer. She last visited Syria in December of 2011 where she spent two months. What is really going on in Syria and what do the people of Syria think about it? In order to get a broader perspective of the reality that goes beyond the self-serving narrative of the mainstream Western corporate media, Crescent International will be conducting a series of interviews with Syrians.This interview is being conducted with Jihan Hayek, a Canadian of Syrian origin. Ms. Hayek is a civil engineer. She last visited Syria in December of 2011 where she spent two months.1: Do you think the western corporate media and its affiliates are presenting the situation in Syria accurately? Please provide some examples to elucidate your answer.Not at all; on the contrary, they are part of this bloody campaign against Syria and its people. It is no secret that mainstream media in North America and western countries plus the Gulf States are engaged in a vicious campaign of deception, fabrication and lies about what is really happening in Syria. As an example, you may recall how the BBC used footage of victims during the Iraqi invasion of 2003 and presented these as killings taking place in Houla, Syria. When BBC got caught through the journalist who had taken the picture of dead Iraqi children, the BBC had to apologize and tried to shift the blame on the “Syrian opposition”. 2: How would you describe the current crisis in Syria?Catastrophic, it is a campaign of death and destruction driven by western powers and financed by the corrupted rulers of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some others in the region. Perhaps, it may be beneficial for your readers to take a look at this important blue print for the “new Middle East” which is described by its author Ralph Peters as “Blood Boarders”. : This is what Condi Rice (Secretary of state during the Bush era) had promoted and promised the people of the region of more democracy and prosperity while this satanic plan is based on sectarianism, war and ethnic cleansing.  3: How serious is Bashar al-Assad about reforms? The majority of Syrians believe that President Bashar Al- Assad is genuinely committed to reforming the state and its institutions; however, the plot was in the making to sabotage all efforts of modernization and reform. Sadly, this plot is getting thicker and the ruthless “players” behind it have no limit to their criminal minds and hands that are soaked with Syrian blood. They are targeting Syria to execute their plan in creating more division in the region and equally important to punish Syria for its stance in supporting the right of Palestinians and Lebanese in their resistance against “Israeli occupation” and the hegemony of US imperialism in the region. What is going on in Syria is to target and weaken the resistance bloc.
4: When you were last in Syria, what was it like? Has the daily life of people been significantly affected by the crisis there? I was in Syria last year and spent close to 2 months. Life was normal; people were busy with daily stuff. I spent most of my time in Damascus and had lots of interactions with people from all walks of life at social places, restaurants, cafes, culture events etc. Yes, we were concerned about what was going around us in many cities, but people were very strong, realistic, resilient and determined to stand up for Syria5) What do you think needs to be done to resolve the crisis in Syria? We ask God to help Syria and its people to come out of this murderous plot. What needs to be done is to end any outside interventions in Syria’s affairs by western and regional players. We know they won’t, therefore they must be defeated. I truly believe that the majority of ordinary Syrians are against all these waves of terrorists coming through Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and North Lebanon. Syrians do not want the mercenaries of death and backwardness to dictate their life and future. They are looking for dignified, peaceful and strong Syria.

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