Sunday, August 11, 2013

Report: Army Thwarts Suicide Attack at Arsal Checkpoint
The army succeeded on Friday night in thwarting a suicide bomb attack against a checkpoint in the Bekaa region of Arsal, reported An Nahar daily on Sunday. It revealed that soldiers had halted the attack shortly after it stopped a Syrian, a Palestinian, and Danish citizen of Palestinian origins at the Hmeid checkpoint on the outskirts of Arsal. They were traveling from Syria in a Mitsubishi vehicle without license plates or identification cards. Upon halting the vehicle, one of the Palestinians, wearing an explosive belt, stepped out of the car and attempted to blow himself up. The soldiers however shot and killed him before he would carry out his attack. His two companions have since been arrested. A Kalashnikov rifle and another explosive belt attacked to a hand grenade was found in their possession. The Army Command had initially revealed the attack in a statement on Friday night, saying that it had arrested three gunmen as they attempted to infiltrate Lebanon from Syria earlier that day. On July 14, the army arrested a number of individuals for transporting weapons in Arsal. The Beirut-based, pan-Arab television al-Mayadeen said those arrested were two Syrians, a Lebanese and two Palestinians who were carrying "suicide vests." Border areas in the North and East have been struck by frequent cross-border shelling and clashes linked to the Syrian crisis, while the Syrian regime has told Lebanon to better control its porous border to prevent the smuggling of fighters and arms. Lebanon is sharply divided over the war in Syria and Arsal is a particular flashpoint as refugees from the uprising and fighters and smugglers hostile to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad traverse the border.
[ed notes:There is a reason,several actually why i will now offer posts citing Holy Quran,anyone botheed by this,feel free to exit this muslims blog,i do this so that my interviews i can show the un-Islamic nature of mercenaries ,and those behind them..i also do it,because before being political i am muslim,Islamic(not islam-ist).I will also like to admit when it comes to Politics,i can be wrong,and what i take as fact,could really be misconstrued(by source for example),''facts can change'',in the sense that,what someone reports can be bias,or be misreported,so in that sense,i know that truth,lies with ALLAH alone, and may he forgive me if i in error, take some information  and pass it ,divulge it,then later it turns out it wasn't correct(keep in mind also that i rush my posts most of time,because i lack time).My intentions are never to pass off bad information knowingly ,ever,but in Politics,many issues,headlines can be manipulated,invented by sources etc...anyway anyone who re-uses my blogs posts can choose to edit(any part they wish especially under new format im describing now,so long as you dont manipulate the information outside of my new format)it, and not use these new formats citing Quran...on other hand,any non muslim offended can contact me and we can debate openly or privatly,comparative religion,theism,agnosticism,philosophy,ideologies,or any belief system,at any time,if what you are looking for is to discredit my belief system,i have no problem accomodating your challenges(if i have time to spare),and shedding ligth onto both ours beliefs or  lack thereof, (been doing that for 20 years ;)however,i wont entertain fools unqualified to debate such issues lets move on  
  "Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loveth not transgressors.  (The Noble Quran, 2:190)""But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace, and trust in God: for He is One that heareth and knoweth (all things).  (The Noble Quran, 8:61)"
 "Let not those among you who are endued with grace and amplitude of means resolve by oath against helping their kinsmen, those in want, and those who have left their homes in God's cause: let them forgive and overlook, do you not wish that God should forgive you? For God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.  (The Noble Quran, 24:22)"...if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people...(Noble Quran 5:32)"

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