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Egypt, Syria, Propaganda and more Propaganda, Eid Aid/IHH and weapons
Egypt Rages against likely US Amabassador This article is from france24. Yet another NATO news outlet.
First paragraph “US media reports that Robert Ford, former top US envoy to Syria, will be Washington’s next ambassador to Egypt has sparked a vitriolic Twitter campaign over a Canadian conspiracy website's claims that he once ran “death squads” in Iraq. “
The so called “ Canadian conspiracy website” is Global Research-Centre for Research on Globalization. Name Calling propaganda tactic duly noted. The article contains the usual perception management media type stuff about Robert S Ford in Syria.

 Did you notice I underlined "the video". Another item we have yet to get to.

The man and the video: Claude Salhani, movie reviewer

So, who is Claude? Answer: Claude Salhani

Claude Salhani is editor of He is a specialist in the Middle East, terrorism and politicized I roll my eyes. Repeatedly. 

A quick search on Claude Salhani shows his affiliations/associations. His vile consorts?
 Think Tanks & NGO's

International Institute for Strategic Studies – member.
Institute of World Affairs - Senior Fellow and director of Media & Conflict Program.
Center for American Progress – Debated on the situation in Western Sahara
Middle East Institute – Debated on the Iraq War and the Media War
The Potomac Institute - Frequent guest speaker on terrorism
RAND CORPORATION – Invited to participate in drafting a paper on the Middle East
CATO Institution – Wrote a policy paper on Syria and lectured on Islam and terrorism.
Hudson Institute – Guest speaker on Iran, Islam and the Mideast.

 Claude Salhani @ Linkedin :editor at arabspringnow,com
Washington, District Of Columbia (Washington D.C. Metro Area)  Media Production

Yah. I don’t think any more needs to be said about the agenda Mr Salhani is pushing. 
But, wait!   Media Production? Media Production!

*****Here is a thought..... Claude Salhani is connected to the video he is critiquing? Entirely possible! Perhaps Claude Salhani, who is in "Media Production" made the video and posted it online to justify his obvious and blatant propaganda piece. ******
Wouldn't doubt it myself.

Claude Salhani, "Media Production", whatever that entails, started writing for beginning Sept 29, 2011. (Interesting timing?) Claude must have felt it necessary to contradict a previous editorial at Iran-Iraq-Syria Pipeline Must Tempt Europe
A piece that contained this paragraph

We have stressed numerous times that this (pipeline) is one of the main reasons for the conflict in Syria. Right now there is a race on to get gas through this region, to Europe. This was Qatar’s main goal of meddling in Syria—and now Qatar has been largely sidelined having extended its reach a bit too far. (Qatar shares the Pars…
You may recall the last time we discussed this pipeline, not the only time, but the most recent time was in this post: War against Iran, Iraq and Syria? If you didn't read that one.. now is the time.
While speaking of the previous post, linked directly above, and thinking aboout Iraq in particular, this rather odd statement from an Iraqi MP caught my eye

MP, Liqa Wardi, of the Iraqiya Slate ruled out “Repeating the Syrian or Egyptian scenario in Iraq.”   
She stated to “The scenario in Iraq is different from the Syrian and the Egyptian,” noting that “We expect the international community to interfere to stop the violations against human rights.”

“Due to the tendency to increase the sectarian violence, the international community will interfere to stop the violence,” she concluded.
Who has she been talking with? And what does she mean when she suggests the international community will 'interfere' to stop the violence

Update on the Eid aid convoy.

Which should have made it’s way to Syria by now? ..I will assume it made it through to Syria or at the very  least to the border area in Turkey. If you have not been paying attention I first covered the Eid aid convoy in this post. (You gotta get up to speed!) Problem, Reaction, Solution? AQ threat or Opportunity to advance war agenda?

I ended that post with this comment "I find this so called aid delivery highly suspicious"

One of the ultra well informed commenters that drops byhere added this comment along with other goodies you should check out
Thanks anonymous!!
maybe the aid convoy is smuggling weapons?
AND... this should sent chills to those who understand the history. Eid in Syria is sposored by IHH. You know, the guys smuggling weapons.
I am familiar with the IHH and it's 'humanitarianism'. I have a way back post, which contained much info and  an extensive batch of comments on the scummy IHH and it's connections to the Turkish government. It's weapons smuggling and worse in Libya. Let me say it clearly and emphatically  there is nothing, not one drop of humanity in the humanitarianism of IHH

Moving along, this information should be the cherry on top of the scummy IHH sundae
Syria aid charity is being monitored by regulator

Monitored simply means we are turning a blind eye to what is really going one under the guise of ‘charity’
Pay attention to the individuals involved in this Eid aid.
“A spokeswoman for the regulator said it has an ongoing monitoring case into the London-based charity Aid Convoy "regarding trustees’ duties" and "the end use of charitable funds".

One of the trustees of Aid Convoy, as listed on the commission’s website, is Moutaz Almallah Dabas. According to the Sunday Times, Dabas was arrested by British police in 2005 for alleged involvement in bombings in Madrid which killed 191 people in 2004. He was extradited to Spain in 2007 but was acquitted of the charges in 2011.

Moutaz Almallah Dabas: connected to the NATO terror state and the false flag Madrid bombing
Emdadur Choudhury is also listed as a trustee of the charity. In 2011, Choudhury was found guilty of public order offences after burning poppies at a protest in west London on Armistice Day, according to the Sunday Times.
 Emdadur Choudhury: another NATO terror state participant- useful idiot, patsy, whatever.
Usman Ali was also listed a trustee of Aid Convoy but resigned last month. The Sunday Times said that Ali was banned for life from a mosque in Woolwich, southeast London, after allegedly showing children footage of the 9/11 attacks and proclaiming "God is great"
 Usman Ali- Agent Provocateur for the NATO terror state. Radicalizer of unemployed youth. 
You get the idea? This Eid aid is a NATO op. The aid is guns and worse.
Notice the regulator is simply‘monitoring’ despite all these very shady connections. Is that realistic? It seems to be the only thing being monitored is a safe delivery of the accoutrements of death and destruction 

 All these red flags and the  Eid Aid convoy left the UK.  
What the hell should that tell us?  I am ending with the video from euronews showing this 'aid' convoy leaving Leeds It is a must watch!
[thenakedfacts ed note:the video get it at original link at sister pennys on her site,i dont know how to post non youtube video formats on my blog =(

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