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Hizbullah’s Roll of the Dice in South Lebanon Amal Mudallali
The EU designated the "military" wing of Hizbullah as a terrorist organization, inviting strong reaction from Hizbullah describing it as a "legal cover for Israel to attack" Lebanon. The party is using the decision to intimidate UNIFIL forces in South Lebanon through the use of its local elected officials and the population.  [ed note:Lets be clear here,noone defended south Lebanon when Israhell occupied it in Past,in fact 'some backed Israhells occupation ,such as future movement frauds(dclaring rethorially an cynically otherwise),and the phalangists,so the movement was native (Hezbollah that is),and grew  domestically ,rose to occasion and LIBERATED ITSELF AND ITS PEOPLE AND REGIONS!Not Lebanese army nor anyone else,so on that note,considering israhell breaches Lebanese sovereignty every day ,then Hezbollah has every right not to disarm and protect its people ,period,and has right to seek outside help from Syria,Iran  or any other country,according to international law!!Threatning UNIFIL?Hezbollah?Nonsense,Hezbollah has excellent relations with UNIFIL commanders and peacekeepers.To go even further it has even protected the international contigency from attacks by radical groups like jund al sham who operated from palestinian refugee camps also attacking Palestinian liberation factions,lebanese troops and other immediate areas.including Syria ,since earlier then 2007***
 see how he contradicts himself ,when he says Hezbollah threatens UNIFIL,but  later in his policy paper..
But Mousawi, according to press accounts, warned the EU envoy of “consequences” for the
decision. He reportedly asked the EU ambassador,“What if the military wing of Hizbullah decided not to cooperate with the UNIFIL?”
why would he bring that up,if he initially stated they threaten UNIFIL,then doesn't refute fact ,taht its an openly acknolwedged that Hezbollah does cooperate with it,and has good ties with UNIFIL?Because the little excrement is a fraud,who not surpisingly started his early career at mi5 vetted bbc,i would assume,well get into that in end..
Hizbullah needs UNIFIL more than ever to keep the calm in the South while fighting in Syria. The threats to UNIFIL should not prevent the UN force from doing its work. While the attacks by Hizbullah's supporters on the UNIFIL forces might increase, the last thing Hizbullah and the people of the South need now is another war with Israel. This is the best guarantee for the safety of UNIFIL.
[ed notes:im sorry who was just caught in mine blasts crossing into Lebanese territory?who breaches Lebanese airspace everyday?whos conducting war maneuvers,developing rationales for preparation to attack Lebanons Hezbollah a ''resistance'' to ''occupation'' by zionist expansionist israhell?Has Hezbollah occupied israhell ever ,at any time?Who admitted that the rationale/reasons for 2006 attack in Lebanon was based on a lier?Thats right the zionist entity!With millions of dollars funneled into the subversive tax exempt foundations like  wilson centre ,they dont know this?Sure they do,but those funds strategically place little zionist arabs wich obfuscate these facts,and insert malicious lies to demonize the victims of the terror israhelli state ;)
[ed note: ''By Allah, if i ever get the opportunity to own a radio station or show at one, your kind will feel my wrath!''''I'll organize protests,rallies in front of your,(and others like you) offices,centres every week.''
The UNIFIL leadership’s strategy to counter any Hizbullah reaction was to draw a line of distinction between the UN force and the EU, though unconvincingly. They explained that the UN force has nothing to do with the EU decision because the participating soldiers are there under the UN flag and do not represent their national countries. [[[[This was always the case and still European soldiers came under attack because of  unhappiness with the policies of  European countries. The attacks in previous years on the Spanish and French contingents targeted them though they were under the UN flag then,as now.]]]]
[ed note:the weasel now wants to give impression thsoe attacks against UNIFIL were by Hezbolah,problem is even the zionist media in israhell threw blame on alqaeda(militant radical groups wich are funded directed by us client regimes in gulf!!) had it been Hezbollah israhell would have denounced and accused it ,not fact israhell blamed al qaeda,signifies two things,one eitehr tehse cells from alqaeda were really working with israhell knowledge of events to take place,and were to be used to justify the zionist controlled narrative of need for war on terror and israhelli security measures in immediate occupied area,and 2 they didnt, but still elaborated what actually caused the explosions,wich means it was probably mossad,but since fatah al islam issued warnings they would attack unifil,then israhell probably took charge knowing where implications would lead....Hezbollah ruled out nice try though..same geos for french contigency attacks..also blamed on al qaeda,the cia boys,who btw has a ''jewish spokesperson'' ''Adam Yahiye Gadahn''

It is very clear that none of the actors in South Lebanon want a change in the status quo in the
South or in the rules of engagement.
[ed notes:wrong!Hezbollah,Syria demand Israhell unoccupy  sheeba farms you imbecil!Israhell doesnt however! 
[[Shi’a Watch, a Lebanese blog,reported that during the meetings with the EU envoy]]],  and in a reversal of roles, Lebanese officials were more concerned about the impact of the EU decision on UNIFIL than the EU representatives. They cited as an example the visit of the headof General Security in Lebanon(“a state apparatus fully controlled by Hizbullah,” the blog said)to the UNIFIL headquarters in the South to deliver a conciliatory message just a day after the EU decision
[ed notes;here is a self described professional pundit citing a blog called shia watch lol this is shia watch but before that it was this shiawatch  (((Us Muslims and the Shia follow two seperate religions, and throughout history we were never united; in fact, they always stabbed the Muslims in their backs (like the Safavids did with the Ottomans, and like contemporary Shia Arabs of Iraq -at least- have shamelessly done after the occupation of Iraq.)))) [LOL]

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